When you arrive

The Divine Service begins at 10:30am Sunday mornings. Plan on getting here about 20 minutes early to allow plenty of time to get oriented. All are welcome to attend the service, hear the Word with us, sing with us, and pray with us.

Zion’s parking lot is just off of Goodrich road outside Owego. Find a spot and come in, drop off your coat and head into the Narthex (the church lobby) through the door on the left. There you’ll be welcomed and offered a bulletin to guide you through that day’s Divine Service. If this is your first time at Zion, ask to see the Pastor. He’ll get you oriented for the service and gladly answer any questions you have.

Go into the sanctuary (gentlemen, please remove your hats) and take a seat in any pew. In the rack in front of you you’ll find maroon hymnals and Bibles (you can use the hymnal to find the songs we sing during worship). If you have any questions about the service, ask the folk sitting near you in the pews--they’ll be happy to help. You’ll hear music playing shortly before the service. When the bell chimes, the Divine Service is about to begin.

Bathrooms are located just outside the double doors leading into the gym you’ll see on the south side of the Narthex, including handicap-accessible family bathroom with a changing table.

During Worship

The pastor will walk in as the bells chime and make a few welcoming comments. He will lead and direct the congregation throughout the service, signaling when the congregation stands up or sits down. Zion is a liturgical church, which means we follow a set pattern of singing, prayer, and listening each Sunday. After a few weeks you’ll get familiar with the rhythm of the service. Feel free to just listen your first few services. Sunday services typically last 60-90 minutes.

We are glad to see (and hear) families come all together! We’d be happy to help your kids learn to sing, pray, and listen to Jesus’ voice with us. If you need to step outside with a child during the service, feel free to use the pews in the narthex to continue to participate in the service. Also, the service will be livestreamed to our children’s room (located right off the gym).

God is present among us during the Divine Service, doing His good work through His Word. That’s what “Divine Service” means--God serving us. In respect and reverence for God, please refrain from using electronics and bringing in food or drinks.

I want to learn more about Zion's liturgy. I want to see some recorded services.
After worship

After the final hymn, the Pastor will leave the sanctuary as the organ plays. After the organ finishes, head back to the narthex. The pastor will greet you as you head out. Grab some coffee in the narthex and stick around to get to know us better.