Why Enroll Here?

Reliable statistical research indicates that those who attended Lutheran schools:Playing in the Snow

  • Report more frequent experiences with God in their personal lives.
  • Exhibit a more consistent belief in the divinity of Jesus.
  • Profess a greater clarity on the way of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone (show more tendency to reject belief in salvation by works).
  • Display more Biblical knowledge.
  • Engage in a much fuller devotional life.
  • Do more witnessing to others about Christ.
  • Hold a more balanced theology (not liberal, not ultraconservative, but a balanced conservatism).
  • Have a greater awareness of the presence of the Trinity in one’s whole life.
  • Give a higher value to relationships with God and other persons.
  • Show more reasonable respect for authority.
  • Live out stronger tendencies to be forgiving and personally forthright with other people.
  • Evidence greater avoidance of over-simplistic views (i.e., views of social issues as mere power struggles).
  • Reveal less tendency to be anxious about their faith.
  • Are less swayed by their peers.

 The research also proved that the more years a person attended a Lutheran school, the more significant the difference became.  The research does not indicate that these same qualities cannot be present in individuals who have not attended a Lutheran elementary and/or secondary school, but it is less likely.  Similarly, it is recognized that the power to lead a Christian life is a free gift of the Holy Spirit working through the Word.


"We have been and continue to be impressed with the caring, creativity and passion of our Zion Lutheran teachers.  Their commitment and teachings extend far beyond the classroom.  Our children have been blessed with a solid Christian foundation that will last them a lifetime."  Brian & Laura Hunsinger, Apalachin, NY

"Zion Lutheran School has been a fundamental resource in laying out the strong Christian foundation we desire for our three children. The education, love, integrity, self confidence and success our children have gained through their experience at Zion have given us the confidence to allow them to go into the public arena as the light of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Zion!"  Skip & Jill Hornick, Candor, NY

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